All bachelor of commerce students at the University of Guelph are eligible for funding through Petitions, Delegations and Representations (PDR) when attending a conference/competition. PDRs can cover many costs associated with attending a conference, which may include delegate fee, transportation, and accommodations. Under any circumstances, alcohol will not be covered under PDR. The LSA is not obligated to cover 100% of the application and funds will be allocated on a case-by-case basis. Please note that PDR funding is facilitated by the LSA and it is entirely separate from CBE funding. Students are encouraged to apply through both the LSA and CBE to increase the possibility of being fully funded. The link to the CBE application page is

How to Get Funded for your Next Conference:

1. Applicants must fill out the PDR Application Form by the first day of the month prior to the conference/competition that they are attending. If you believe that you qualify for an exception to this policy, please complete the ‘PDR Request for Exception Form & PDR Waiver'.

2. Accepted applicants must fill out the PDR Waiver prior to the conference/competition that they are attending. the PDR Waiver is included in the Application Form and the Request for Exception Form


3. Accepted applicants must pay for their delegate fee, and will then be reimbursed, provided they submit a PDR Post-Conference Report Form.


4. The PDR Post-Conference Report Form must be submitted within 2 weeks after the last day of the conference/competition, otherwise they will no longer be eligible for funding.


5. After reading the report, cheques will be given to applicants by the LSA's Director of Student Relations & Academics, at mutually convenient times.


Please email all necessary forms to upon completion.