Business Student Associations

There are 17 student organizations within the Lang School of Business, and the LSA operates as the Primary Student Organization (PSO) or “umbrella”. Since the LSA does not represent any specific major, we support, advocate and provide opportunities for all 3600 Lang students at the University of Guelph.


The LSA supports and collaborates with the other 17 accredited and affiliated business student organizations (ASOs) to host events and initiatives that target the specific majors and interests of the students at Lang.  

Get Involved

Join an ASO: Most ASOs hire Brand Ambassadors in September and full team members in April. You can join any team regardless of your major. By joining an ASO you will attend meetings and plan events for students to attend. Check out each ASOs Instagram page to get more information on their applications.

Attend Events: Follow each ASO on Instagram to stay up to date with all Lang events. Each ASO hosts several events targets to areas in business. Expand your horizons and business knowledge by attending events outside of your major.

Stay up-to-date on everything happening in the Lang community, below are our 16 student associations for you to connect with on Instagram!

Accredited Student Organizations

Represents students pertaining to a certain major

Accounting Student Association (ASA): @accountingstudentsassociation

Government, Economics and Management Association (GEMA): @gema_atlang

Guelph Sports Management Association (GSMA): @guelphsportsmanagement 

Hospitality, Food and Tourism Students Association (HFTMSA): @hftmsaguelph

Management Economics and Finance Students Association (MEFSA): @mefsaatlang

Management Students Association (MSA): @msaatlang

Marketing Management Students Association (MMSA): @uofgmarketing

Real Estate and Housing Student Association (REHSA): @resaguelph


Affiliated Student Associations

Represents students pertaining to a certain area of interest

DECA U Lang: @decaulang

Enactus: @enactus.guelph

Guelph Entrepreneurship Society (GES): @guelphentrepreneurshipsociety

Guelph Student Investment Council (GSIC): @guelph_sic

Guelph Women in Leadership (GWIL): @gwil.lang

JDCC Lang: @jdcc_lang

My World, My Choice (MWMC): @myworldmychoiceontario

Guelph Student Sales Association (GSSA): @uofgsales

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Get Involved with the LSA

The LSA is an organization created and managed for students, by students. We strive to work collectively with the 16 other accredited and affiliated business student organizations within the Lang School of Business to improve the experience of Lang students at the University of Guelph. By hosting events and opportunities throughout the school year, the LSA provides engagement opportunities beyond the classroom that help students achieve their personal and professional aspirations. 

From networking events to formal dinners, the LSA’s events are diverse and offer a wide range of development opportunities. All members of the LSA share one common goal – to provide opportunities to Lang students in order to help them optimize their university experience, make meaningful connections and feel prepared for their professional future.