This is your chance to get your foot in the door, learn all about being on a student association and test out a variety of activities to determine what you like best.

Who we are:

As part of the Lang community and the Lang Student Association the Brand Ambassador team works to promote the Lang brand. Our team works on the mission and vision to increase community engagement through Lang Student Association events and foster growth. Our team is hired and created around passionate students who are looking to expand themselves professionally and personally while sharing the Lang Student Association Brand. The Brand Ambassador team is eager and are truly excited to share our brand authentically and openly to students.


What we do

The Brand Ambassador role is a great introductory role to be involved with a team and get started with the Lang Students’ Association. Brand Ambassadors will take on the task of promoting numerous events within the LSA, whether it is through social media or class talks, and potentially ticket sales. Brand Ambassadors will collaborate with the team on different tasks while also facilitating a supportive work environment. As a member of the brand ambassador team you will have the opportunity to participate in a rotational mentorship program where they spend a few weeks with each portfolio learning more about what each director and their managers do day-to-day and BAs will assist with these activities during their rotation. Lastly, brand ambassadors have a chance to connect with the Lang community selling merchandise at stations across campus. There is always the opportunity to grow and set goals throughout the year while representing the Lang brand.


Join our Team

We are looking for passionate and eager students! No previous involvement in student organizations is needed. Open to all commerce students regardless of year or major. The Google form application will be released in August. If you are selected to the next phase, you will be invited for a video interview.


Some of the qualities we are looking for in our 2021/2022 Brand Ambassador Team include the following:

●  Willingness to Learn: As an entry level position there is lots of opportunity to grow and develop your skill within the team. Individuals who are eager and excited to learn will be able to further develop themselves professionally and personally.

●  Passion: The Brand Ambassador team is the front line for presenting and showcasing the Lang Student Association. We want other Lang community members to be as excited as we are and understand the passion behind our brand.

●  Positive Attitude: With the nature of the position and how we reflect our brand, a positive attitude allows the individual to gain the most experience through events, networking and sharing our brand.

●  Leadership: With this role, the opportunity to take on a leadership role will come available and you will have a chance to motivate and influence team members with ideas and projects.

 Goal Oriented mindset: For individuals to gain the most from the position and the Lang Student Association, goal oriented individuals will have the opportunity to work side majority of the LSA team (Executive and Full Team). Those who are goal oriented will be able to greatly benefit from these connections through the support the team will be able to offer and provide.

 Strong Communication Skills: Individuals within this role are tasked primarily with sharing our brand orally and written. Strong communication skills helps support them to present any information and keep the Lang community informed with events.

●  Collaboration: As a member of the Brand Ambassador team, collaboration will be used in both Brand Ambassador and Full Team meetings in order to creatively brainstorm ideas and execute tasks for the team.