The Mentorship Program is aimed at first year, second year, international, and transfer business students at the University of Guelph to assist them with transition into the academic and social surroundings of being in a post-secondary environment. 

How to Get a Mentor

Apply to be a "mentee," you'll be paired with an upper year mentor! 


Mentees should be:

- a business student new to the University of Guelph, either first or second year, international, or transfer

- eager to learn more about how to make the most of their experience at UoG


An ideal mentee:

- wishes to learn and grow with the help of others

- desires to receive feedback, support, and advice

- wants to become more self-aware and develop greater self-confidence

- wants to have one-on-one meetings with an upper year student

Becoming a Mentor

Applications are now closed

Mentors will develop and enhance their leadership abilities through sharing their expertise, skills, and resources with other students. 

Mentors should be:

- motivating, encouraging, and open. 

- have a strong desire to help others succeed

- an upper year student or recent alumni from the University of Guelph


A great mentor has:

- good listening skills and an ability to relate to others

- a flexible attitude

- a range of experience in a variety of extracurricular activities

Mentor Bank


The following is a list of mentors, mentees are able to choose three mentors that they would be interested to work with. Overall, the mentee's mentor will be selected by our team based on who will benefit the mentee.


Click on a mentor that you are interested in knowing more about.

Mentorship Program

A message from Alison Vanos on her experience as a Mentee

"I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with the LSA Mentorship Program. My mentor shared valuable advice, experiences, a second opinion, and a push forward when I needed encouragement. I would recommend the LSA Mentorship Program to every Business student at Guelph – it’s a great way to build your network and gain valuable insights from a student who has been in your shoes before."

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