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Hidden Study Spaces on Campus

Written By: Tori Wakeford, LSA Brand Ambassador Manager

As Guelph students, we are all very familiar with the popular study spots on campus. Whether it is late nights at the library or getting comfy at a Starbucks, these spots are popular and usually very busy. We also all understand the frustration of not being able to get a spot. Well, I am here today to share with you some secret (ok, maybe not so secret) study spots that you can check out next time you need to conquer that to-do list!


The study spots in the building aren’t large, but you’d be surprised by how many of them there really are! Around almost every corner or at the end of every hallway there is a table or couch to sit down and work at. If you’re looking for a place to sit with friends, there are two bigger study spaces: one on the 1st floor under the stairs and another on the 3rd floor. These spaces are generally quiet and the perfect alternative if you can’t find a spot in the library!

Macdonald Hall Third Floor

I’m sure most students have visited Mac Hall at least once, and if you have, you probably wouldn’t describe this as a quiet place to study or much of a secret at all. However, you may not know that there are 3 floors to Mac Hall, and few people tend to venture all the way to the top! The top floor has several different types of workspaces for both individuals or groups. Don’t be fooled by how busy the first floor of Mac Hall may be, the third floor might have that nice & quiet spot for you to buckle down and get some work done.

The Fireplace Lounge

If you have a gym membership, you are likely very familiar with the athletics centre. What you may not know is that the AC has a study area called the fireplace lounge! This super chic space has all different types of seating, a cozy fireplace and to top it all off, a booster juice kiosk. This is a perfect spot to grab a smoothie, find a spot, and work for the day. It’s not the quietest place on campus, but the atmosphere is perfect for casual work.

Next time you find yourself with a break between classes or unable to find the perfect spot in one of our campus’s popular study spots, we suggest you venture to one of these locations! Feel free to share with your friends, but not too many friends though, we don’t want to completely disclose our secrets!

Thanks for reading!

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