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The Benefits of Getting Involved

Written by: Pamela Aguirre

When I was in high school the biggest regret that I had was that I was not involved enough and that I started too late. As a result, I made it my goal then that when I entered university, I would get as involved as possible to make the most of my experience. I can say that I have happily achieved this goal, as I am currently loving being a first-year representative for Deca U Guelph and a brand ambassador for the Lang Students Association. Looking back on my first semester as a first-year, I can easily say that getting involved was one of the best decisions I made.

By getting involved, I found a way to connect what I’m learning in the classroom to real-life. So far, I have learned a lot about the logistics of planning events, how feedback is super helpful to future developments of projects, some different marketing applications, and so much more. Being in first-year, a lot of this felt like I was learning outside of the classroom and truly having fun with it. I have been introduced to an amazing platform filled with connections and opportunities. I feel like I have a chance to learn and grow within my degree as a business student and have some more experience to add to my resume. I am super excited to grow within my clubs and see all of the amazing things that I can contribute to my teams and all of the great things I can learn on the way.

Additionally, by being involved, I was introduced to a great group of people. Being in first-year, it can be kind of hard to find friends, especially ones that share similar interests and goals as you. By becoming involved, I have been introduced to an amazing group of people that are all ambitious, creative, and driven by the same common things. I have met many people that I feel can mentor me and help me achieve my goals. All these amazing people I get to work with make going to conferences, attending weekly meetings, and going to charity events so much better.

Once again, getting involved is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The opportunities, the knowledge, and the friendships I have developed have allowed the idea of taking that extra step and branching out 100% worth it. If you are looking for a sign to get involved, this is that sign! It’s never too late to get involved within your school and is an opportunity that you will not want to miss out on. People are always saying that university is what you make it, so why not take that step and make your years in university worth the while!

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